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Add:Qingdao City, Shandong Province, the Jiaonan Zhang Louzhen cattle habitat Hill

Contact:Wang Sujin






Qingdao Jiulongtan Ecological Park Co., LTD was established in July 29, 2004 with a registered capital of 1.5 million Yuan, the registered business scope are: tea planting, sightseeing, mechanical construction projects; We have contracted 485.84 acres of barren land and 2000 acres of barren hills with a period of 50 and 70 years since 2002.Now our company has been greatly developed through the 9 years development, Our tea farm was enlarged to 400 acres and we planted more than 50 thousand ornamental trees such as red magnolia, michelia alba, michelia champaca, magnolia gradiflora, osmanthus, crape myrtle,sakura,acer monoes, ligustrun lucidum ait, Sabina komarovii, armeniaca mumebeauty mei, prunus cerasifera and more than 2000 fruiter: cherry,apricot,peach,chestnut. Our tea products were evaluated as...Information》